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What are Yoga Cushions?

Yoga Cushions are quite simply the cushion you rest on when perfoming yoga. There come in different styles, shapes, sizes and materials.

What different types of Yoga Cushions are there?

Here are the 5 most common yoga/meditation cushions available:

1. Small Meditation/Yoga Mat

A small mat suitable for meditation or yoga.

2. Zabuton Mat

Is a rectangular mat/cushion that make sitting or kneeling on the floor for long periods of time far more comfortable. Usually used in conjunction with a Zafu cushion and typically sold in a set with a Zafu.

3. Zafu Cushion

Traditionally a round pleated cushion stuffed with Kapok (a fluffy plant fibre from Asia). It is usually used in meditation or Yoga. A Zafu is often placed upon a Zabuton mat or cushion and is sold as a set.

4. Foldable Meditation/Yoga Cushion

A foldable meditation/yoga support cushion with carrying straps.

5. Small Yoga Cushion

This small support cushion is used in yoga and meditation.

What type of Yoga Cushion should I buy?

If you are a beginner we would recommend the small yoga mat, foldable yoga cushion or small yoga support cushion. However, if you are more experienced you could opt for the Zafu/Zabuton combination.

Where can I buy a Yoga Cushion?

Although quite widely available on the internet, we recommend Foot in the East as they have a very wide selection of traditional handmade Kapok filled Yoga Mats/Cushions, imported directly from Thailand. They have a huge range of colours and styles, have all the different yoga cushions and mats mentioned here and are very competitively priced too.

Small Meditation Yoga Mat

The Small Yoga/Meditation Mat...

Handmade in Thailand, this small mat is suitable for yoga or meditation. It is double stitched for extra strength.

Zabuton and Zafu Meditation Cushion Set

The Zabuton Mat & Zafu Cushion Set...

Handmade in Northern Thailand, this meditation set includes a flat Zabuton cushion and a traditional round Zafu cushion.

The Zafu Meditation Cushion...

The Zafu Cushion was designed for meditation and the centuries old design helps make you sit more comfortably and naturally. Often used with a Zabuton Mat (see above).

Foldable Yoga Meditation Cushion

The Foldable Yoga/Meditation Cushion...

Handmade in Thailand, this is a foldable yoga/meditation support cushion with carrying straps.

The Small Yoga Cushion...

Handmade in Thailand, a small support cushion for yoga and meditation.

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